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艾热止痛包以纯棉面料制成, 内容物以蕲艾, 肉桂等纯天然中药磨制 而成。功能温通经络,活血化瘀,消肿止痛,尤以加热后疗效更佳。对急慢性疼痛,疲劳,肌肉酸麻,紧张等等具有立竿见影之效。


用法: 将艾热止痛包放入微波炉,把一张餐巾纸用水弄湿后用手抓去多余水分,将纸摊开铺在艾热止痛包上。微波炉用高温1分钟。取出试温度合适后敷在身体有症状的部位即可。可根据微波炉的功率适当延长或缩短加热时间。本品可多次重复加热。

注意事项: 艾热止痛包内有多种中草药,热敷时如遇皮肤不良反应,异常红,肿,皮疹,斑块,疼痛,请立即停止使用。


Chinese Herbal heating pad for pain

Artemisia argyi, the Chinese mugwort,the warming herb in Traditional Chinese medicine, is an important natural remedy for internal disorder, stiffness, and pain. We combine mugwort with other Chinese herbs such as Angelica dahurica, Thypha pollen in cloth bag. The herbal pad is heated and then placed on the skin where has pain, muscle stiffness, fatigue, and numbness to release symptoms.

Chinese Herbal Heating Pad is microwavable. Cotton case that comes with the product is washable.


Place Chinese Herbal Heating Pad into microwave oven. Wet a paper towel, squeeze the additional water, flatten the paper towel and cover the pad. Microwave in high for 1 minute, remove the pad and place it onto skin where feels muscular pain and stiffness. Prolong or shorten the time of heating slightly according to different microwave output.

In case when showing abnormal redness, swelling, rashes, pain etc, please stop using it immediately.

肩背艾热止痛包 (For Shoulder)

Price: US$49.99 with FREE SHIPPING in USA

颈艾热止痛包 (For Neck or Back)

Price: US$29.99 with FREE SHIPPING in USA